Fishbone Elixir Print By Artist David Delamare


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8X10 print in 11X14 mat.

Fishbone Elixir by David Delamare


By David Delamare

This is one of a handful of paintings that I’ve kept for myself.  It’s my nod to the vaudeville mermaid.   I was inspired by 19th century engravings of theatrical productions in which actresses are pulled across the stage in a variety of wheeled contraptions.   I’ve always had a fondness for deliberately artificial stagecraft, such as that used in Victorian theater and the silent films of Georges Méliès.  One of my favorite devices is the manufactured wave (achieved through a variety of methods).  I once had an opportunity to explore these notions directly—when I designed the sets for the American Premier of Trevor Nunn’s “Peter Pan” for the Northwest Children’s Theatre.  For the production we created a swimming sequence that was charming and funny in its artifice. 


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